Interior Designing

Really great interior design reflects your style and your tastes, not ours. So we work with you to make sure we fully understand what you like, how you live and how you want your home to function. Our collaborative process (outlined below) means you have input during every phase and know the status of your project at any time.

Our full-service approach means we take projects from concept to completion, handling all aspects of the project for you! With our creativity, expertise, and professionalism, we create beautiful, yet livable, well-designed spaces that fit you and your lifestyle.

We consider ourselves a creative studio, and in addition to interior design, we offer a variety of other creative services and always welcome the opportunity to be creative, work on new projects, and share our passion with others.

Our interior design has a simple objective to create unique and distinctive spaces that influence people’s behaviour in the best way for our clients. This covers projects such as :
-Retail Stores
-Multi-brand department stores
-Pop-up shops
-Food & beverage outlets/kiosks
-Commercial office space
-HPP promotions
-Temporary experiential installations
-Public spaces and facilities
-Wayfinding and signage